Certified Antique Store Requirements

Certified Antique Store Requirements

To provide GotAntique.com customers and owners with the highest quality of services, we require all Certified Antique Stores to meet our quality requirements:

1) When you select to create your Certified Antique Store with GotAntique.com, you will also have the feature to create your online antique showroom free of charge. You will be able to edit your Online Antique Showroom after you register and make the full payment.

2) To become a Certified Antique Store owner, you must email a copy of your business license and photo ID to info@gotantique.com for verification purpose. In the meantime, you must register with GotAntique.com with your full name, working email address, working phone number with GotAntique.com for your Online Antique Showroom. This information is used by GotAntique.com for verification purpose only, not viewable to the public.

3) GotAntique.com will set up and send the Antique Certified Store login username and temporary password to your working email address that you proved within 48 hours. You will be able to log into your Antique Certified Store, change password, and start editing once you receive the login information.

4) For question and help you also can email to info@gotantique.com. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible.

5) Each item added to your GotAntique.com certified Antique store is required to have a quality photo that displays the item’s entirety and a proper name.

6) No keyword spamming, or using text unrelated to the item, is allowed.

7) Items that cannot be legally sold or traded cannot be listed in the Certified Antique Store and if listed will be immediately removed by GotAntique.com.

8) GotAntique.com retains the right to decide whether an item is appropriate for display.

9) GotAntique.com considers it important to have the trust and respect of the online community. All Certified Antique Store owners and buyers must be committed to practicing the highest possible ethical standards of integrity, fairness, professionalism and non-discrimination when conducting business activities.

10) GotAntique.com only provides a venue for antique store owners to advertise their items for sale, and is not involved in any transactions between the seller and buyer.

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